About Us

The Burt Family has been raising and training Boykin Spaniels since 2012. Boykins originated in South Carolina and the certified breeders are extremely difficult to find on this side of the country. We’re passionate about the breed and growing its popularity as both a hunting and family dog on the West Coast and are located in the South Puget Sound area outside of Seattle in Washington State.


Doug Burt and Boykins are active members of the Western States Boykin Spaniel Club, Northwest Boykin Spaniel Club, Lower Columbia Hunting Retreiver Club, Cascade Hunting Retriever Club, Newaukam River Retriever Club, and Whistling Wings Hunt Retriever Club and can often found at testing and judging in hunt tests across Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and California.

We are also affiliated with the Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club and can often be found leading and participating chartered hunts and other events.

We would encourage any current or aspiring hunters to attend retriever club events. Most chapter offers monthly training days , twice annually hunts, and a community of gun dog owners to support you and your dog throughout your training. Clubs also host hunts for members annually to provide multiple opportunities to test and earn champion point towards titles on your dog. If you are not interested in points or testing, members are willing to help make your dog a better hunting companion and, since we train with ducks at our training day, your dog gets to pick them up all year long.

For more information, clubs are linked on the Upcoming Events page.


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