Starting Your Dog

It’s never too early to start training with your puppy! By the time our dogs get to you, they will have been exposed to bird wings, building your hunting companion early.

We recommend Jackie Merten’s Sound Beginnings Retriever Training to start training your puppy. Jackie covers basic puppy obedience, beginning tools of training, first retrieves, introduction to water, developing positive associations with water, and preparing for more advanced training.

Sit and Heel Puppy Training with Sunny

At Puget Sound Boykins, we have found Bill Hillmann’s approach to training to be highly effective with our dogs. We recommend both the Training a Retriever Puppy and Traffic Cop training videos.


Linking some pages of other trainers we like:

Brown Dog Academy on Patreon

Blake Ternacki posts his training videos through Patreon, a paid service linked above. Here he is at the Boykin National Intermediate.

Standing Stone Kennels

Bill Hillmann

For more of Bill Hillmann, visit his website at and training videos on YouTube at

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