Litter Confirmed

We’re expecting a litter of Boykins! Confirmed by ultrasound 2/28/2016, check back for updates on Sunny and Rocky’s puppies. Boykin Spaniel puppies are due around the 28th of March and ready for their forever homes around the 3rd week in May.

HR Brandywine’s Sunny Ann Seventy JHR
BSR 027205
UKC R232-907
AKC SR81325201
Microchip 985 170 001 585 786
BY-EYE 198/27F-VP1 Eye Normal
BY-CA 899/27F/C-VP1 Cardiac Normal
BY-2287G27F-VP1 Hips Good
BY-EL224F27-VP1 Elbow Normal
Patellar Normal
CEA Normal
DM Carrier
EIC Normal

Hunters Rest Rocky Top
BSS NO: BSR 026562
DOB: November 25, 2011
Sire: Clouds Rest Frank BSR 018578
Dam: Linda’s Isabelle BSR 020695
OFA Heart: BY-CA750/18M/C-VPI
CERT: BYS-378414
OFA Hips: BY-2151G24M-VPI Good

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